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Introduction to the types of cabinet accessories

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Update time : 2017-10-15 11:59:40
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Introduction to the types of cabinet accessories


  The current hinge generally has two - point fixing clamps and three - point fixing clamps.Of course the three-point fixing clamps hinge is better.  Hinges are mostly removable, divided into the base and buckle two parts, in the selection of cabinets you can require sales to remove the door with the hinge buckle and check the inside of the buckle.

  The drawer is an indispensable part of the kitchen equipment, and the entire drawer in the design, the most important part is the slide.Due to the special environment of the kitchen, the low quality slide is  good in short time, but a little longer will find the phenomenon of difficult to push and pull.You can draw the drawer completely when you buy, watch its structure connect slide from the bottom and then observe the thickness of the side board of the drawer.


Pull out basket
Please note the following points when buying:

  1. Pull baskets are generally tailored according to the size of the cabinet, so the size of the cabinet must be accurate.
  2. Welding should be full,no fake welding
  3. Pull the basket surface should be smooth, feel comfortable, no burr.
  4. Don't treat chrome plated as stainless steel.

Hydraulic buffer
  If you hear "bang" when closing cabinet door it will shorten the service life of the cabinet.A hydraulic buffer would solve this problem.The cabinet door fitted with this humane gadget can prevents noise when it is closed and protect cabinet.


  The ground of the kitchen is relatively damp, the metal baseboard of high quality has moistureproof, lengthen cabinet’s life.The poor quality cabinets are recycled plastic feet, the cabinet will lose balance and collapse, artificial stone break as the use of time increases.

Hanging code
  The hanging cabinet pendant is the main force to support the hanging cabinet in kitchen hardware.Hanging film fixed on the wall, hanging code fixed on the left and right sides of the hanging cabinet on both sides,you can adjust up and down, front and rear after loading.Finally, add 'cabinet body combiner' to ensure the fixed quality and use effect.