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Environmental remediation efforts to upgrade, only the practice of green develop

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Update time : 2017-10-15 12:00:43
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Environmental remediation efforts to upgrade, only the practice of green develop

  Since the end of last year, "environmental storm" swept cabinets and other household industries, the issue of environmental issues caused by many attentions. The environmental protection outstanding issue management action promotion conference held in the government centre. The standing vice mayor of the municipal party committee and the standing deputy mayor of the municipal government —Li Yiming presided over the meeting and conveyed "The governance tackling action to promote the program of outstanding environmental issues of Linyi City 2017".In the case of increasing environmental protection measures,only the “green cabinet” can let the enterprise develop.


Plate of the environmental protection upgrade


  The municipal deputy secretary, mayor— Zhang Shuping made an important speech at the conference.He said that in past efforts to control pollution, effective results have been achieved, which greatly improved the environmental quality.But the situation is not optimistic. From the higher level, higher standards and stricter requirements are required.In 2017, Mr.Zhang will focus on six aspects:One is to continue strict governance;Second is to keep the high point to strictly control water;The third is to take the initiative to treat the soil;The fourth is to focus on the long-term and hard work.;Five is to carry out the oversight work carefully and six is to make concerted efforts to enhance cohesion.
  Zhang Shuping stressed that the environmental protection department should make full use of the lead role, take the initiative and take the initiative.Each county should effectively grasp the task of environmental management in the hands, the responsibility to carry on the shoulders.The relevant departments to strengthen coordination, and further in the whole society to form a common support for environmental protection, everyone in a strong atmosphere of environmental protection, to promote environmental protection to the depth of development.


Environmental protection route is the development of enterprise.


  The two sessions this year continuation of "green economy" this issue again, visible, takes the sustainable development of environmental protection course is not only a hard and fast rules of the country, and is the inevitable requirement of environmental protection, more cabinet enterprise to benign development, must adhere to the concept of long-term development.

  The cabinet industry has been developing rapidly in recent years, which means that the competition in the industry is becoming more and more intense, and it is very important to respond to the national environmental policy.At present, there have been many cabinet companies began to pay attention to this one, the production of more and more green cabinets, green cabinets to meet market demand.


  Throughout the current cabinet market, in the period of brand disputes and evolution is inevitable,cabinet enterprise only follow environmental policy direction, pay attention to product quality can achieve long-term development.