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Exhibition information|The 37th China (Guangzhou) Home Expo

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Update time : 2015-03-04 20:57:18

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Exhibition information|The 37th China (Guangzhou) Home Expo

The 37th China (Guanghzou)Home Expo

The second phase:March 28-31th,2016【The exhibition no.:S15.4D04】


    The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring.Every year in March is gold trading time at home and abroad , the global furniture industry's eyes will invest in China's vast market,they focusing on the dynamic exhibition platform of pearl river delta:The 37th China (Guangzhou) Home Expo will be open in March!




Preferred platform for multi-dimensional experience
    In the new normal of economic slowdown, overcapacity and overhang are common. At this time, good show will be better,strong show will be stronger, in the trend of choosing one show for enterprise, to lead the industry up cross-border extension of the whole industry chain downstream professional exhibition is becoming a new engine to promote the development of global economy, the Home Fair will undoubtedly become the world furniture industry is focused on the platform of choice. The 37th China guangzhou home expo 2016 stand out from the numerous exhibition, achieve a falling market growth, issue of increasing the use of the exhibition poly world trade expo pavilion, a total exhibition scale jumped from 680000 square meters to 750000 square meters.
    In the face of the new normal state, the China Expo will take precautions, take the lead in optimizing the exhibition function and then create a fashion release, channel maintenance, industry exchanges and design to lead the four functions as one of the business platform.The novelty and novelty of the exhibition is the hunting experience of the exhibition's fashion release function. Business matching, industry docking and word-of-mouth communication are the value-added experiences of channel maintenance. Industry interaction, connoisseur parties and activities are interactive experiences of industry exchanges. Market leader, design crossover and big coffee cluster is the high-end experience of design lead.



Two linkage, large scale
    March 2016, the 37th China Guangzhou home fair is expected from more than 30 countries and regions, more than 3800 brands exhibitors, more than 190 countries and regions with commercial value of the professional audience to the meeting.Among them, the first phase of the exhibition time from March 18th to 21th, 2016 and the exhibition theme including civil furniture, home decoration, home textile fabric, outdoor and leisure products such as household, reflected from indoor to outdoor leisure life extension of the concept of household, from a single product display to furniture, furniture decoration, home textile integration of household soft adornment supporting evolution, showing a "house" in fashion feast. The second phase of the exhibition time is from March 28th to 31th, and the theme is office furniture, hotel furniture, office accessories, steel furniture, office furniture, public furniture, production equipment and ingredients and products. Through the furniture industry upstream and downstream, join the whole industrial chain.

Enabled Poly Pavilion, two interchange
    In 2016, the 37th China Guangzhou Home Fair will be the first time to open the Poly World Trade Center as the exhibition area D.It will provide a broader space to show brand strength  when outdoor home exhibition moved to Poly, the use of all six exhibition halls, nearly 70,000 square meters scale for exhibitors .Poly Pavilion and Canton Fair Hall C side by side, C area to the Poly Pavilion of the distance from the C area to the distance between the AB area closer.Poly Pavilion by Pazhou subway station and Canton Fair Pavilion B area interconnection, the two museums are closely linked, harmonious exchange, highly convenient.



Smart home, leading the trend
    Smart home is a hot topic in today's furniture, home appliances and technology, and cross-boundary interaction has a common theme.The Guangzhou China home fair will also bloom smart luster, from indoor home to outdoor life, from the whole house furniture to home decoration, from civilian furniture to office commercial and hotel furniture, from production equipment to raw and auxiliary materials, intelligent home Products can be seen everywhere, so that the development of science and technology for the convenience of life to enjoy. The theme of the activities, the forum more from the perspective of intelligent concepts, outlined the future home life blueprint.

Custom style, personality style
    From small to widely accepted, furniture customization has become a fashion. The trend of overall customization will be lifted once again at the 37th guangzhou international fair.The theme has introduced the custom concept, introduced the personalized design strong, the service and the perfect custom furniture enterprise. Accessories home textile exhibition set up overall soft outfit custom pavilion, civil modern exhibition set up custom home pavilion, civil classical furniture exhibition launched the high-end custom idea, set up system furniture customization area exhibition office environment.It has attracted Holike, Shangpin, Wayes, A.Plus Group Holidings Limited and so on many listed companies and domestic a line brand led, mining more personalized, diversified market demand, all show individual character style.


Enjoy your eyes, international style
    Multi-country participation, exhibition of the international trend of integration of fashion boutique,has always been a bright color of China's fair.With the rise of the Chinese market and the increasing of the scale and influence of the platform, the power of international brands to enter the world expo will be greatly enhanced, and the 37th guangzhou home expo will be more international.The scale of the international furniture pavilion has increased to 30,000 square meters, with the participation of several national pavilions, the exquisite design and fashion trend have made the international furniture pavilion more attractive, and the overall quality has been further up the steps.